Duck Life

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/20/2022

Duck Life Game

Duck Life is an exciting adventure game developed by Wix Games in which you raise and compete with a pet duck in various races. You need to work on each skill independently to make progress with your duck. When you feel confident in your duck's abilities, you may enter him in several races to earn money.

Sometime in the distant past, you were the proud owner of a massive farm that brought in a fortune. A tornado came by one day and sadly wiped off everything. There is only one duck egg remaining. You could use the money to fix up your farm if you trained your duckling to race.

Playing fun minigames will help you train your duck to run faster, swim further, and fly higher. More training will result in a stronger and quicker duck. Coins may be obtained during training as well. If you can, try to get as many as you can!

How to play the Duck Life Game Online?

Don't worry if you have never played such a video game before. Duck Life free online game can be accessed and understood by anybody. One thing to keep in mind is that in order to advance in Duck Life and raise your duck's level, you must excel in each activity individually. If a hurricane has devastated your farm, your objective is to collect enough money to rebuild it.

Athletic ducks, like every other animal, need proper nutrition to perform at their best. You can get your hands on some blue seed, which is fully endorsed by the Duck Olympic Committee and will offer you a significant energy boost. Common grains are also available for general animal food. In order to improve your duck's energy level before races, feed it these seeds.

Use these keys to play the game:

  • Hit the up arrow to do a vertical leap
  • Go up and down with the left and right arrow keys while flying
  • You can jump with the up arrow and dive with the down arrow. To go left or right, use the left and right arrow keys, respectively