Match Arena

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/19/2022

Match Arena Video Game

The Match Arena game is the first PvP Match 3 Against Real Players developed by Pew Pew. This game has been played millions of times online and it is amongst the most popular games on

How to play the Match Arena Game Online?

You are in the virtual universe but you are not alone - on enjoy unlimited and free Match Arena online without any hustle of downloading the app first.

If you don’t know how to begin with, there is a complete interactive video tutorial to assist you. Once you start, all you do is connect the similar colour items and every time you do so, scores are added. You’ve to join three tiles of the same colour to score.

Meanwhile, your opponent is also doing it. Once the given time is up, the person who connected more similar colours items is the ultimate winner and will proceed to the next stage.

A user has only a limited number of moves in every stage so use it wisely. Few wrong actions and boom! Your rival has won. The controls of the game are simple - use the right click of the Mouse to move the tiles and make the match.

As you keep scoring and clearing different stages, new rewards and more exciting challenges are waiting! Play it with your friends and find out who can set new records.

If you are new to video games, Match Arena will keep you craving for more and score jackpot surprises hidden in the games are going to be a real booster.