Rowdy Wrestling

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/19/2022

Rowdy Wrestling Game

Superfun, really funny graphics, and surprisingly addictive!

Developed and designed by Brad Erkkila, this game is rated for everyone over 10 years and has over 5M+ downloads alone on playstore. It is amongst one of the most popular wrestling games online. 

Rowdy Wrestling is very well-designed and throwing wrestlers is pleasant and pretty engaging. With different modes, i.e., unlimited rumble mode, it is an excellent old-school pixelated vibe and action.

How to play Rowdy Wrestling Online?

is a fantastic combat game with hilarious visuals and an overall enjoyable experience. The coolest aspect is how the characters move, madly flinging their arms about.

Easy to learn, challenging to master, a variety of wrestlers and pop culture references to unlock as playable characters, and good visuals and gameplay. Overall, if you're looking for some pure escapism, this is a great casual game to play.

Invite you friends in the ring, have a chaotic war in WWE type of wrestling ring and decide once and for all that who is the stronger. With throws and punches, the Usage of batons, rods, and even chairs, like in actual wrestling is also possible but beware! You’ve to take them before your opponent does.

The controls of Rowdy Wrestling are very straightforward and easy to control:

  • Arrow keys - move
  • Z - punch/throw out of the ring
  • Up arrow + Z - dropkick

Just master these keys, keep spinning and throwing punches and you can beat any opponent that’s in front of you.

In the midst of the game, there will be times in Rowdy Wrestling when the ring will fill with individuals wearing tights who will start hurling chairs and people all around the stadium. At these times, your goal is to be the last person to stand in the arena.