Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/20/2022 Game

This io game developed by Tobspr called "" is available for free. Students, prepare to cause as much havoc as possible in the classroom as teachers do their best to keep order!

As soon as the break begins, it is your responsibility as a student to create as much disruption as possible. The kids win, and the teachers lose when the percentage exceeds 100%.

As a multiplayer game, is great fun. Wear the uniform of a student and wreak chaos among the teachers. Alternatively, you might act as a teacher at the school. If you take on the role of the school's teacher, it will be your responsibility to prevent any mischief from occurring around the school and also to send any misbehaving students to detention.

But proceed carefully; explaining your mistake to their parents is no fun. You must choose whether to defend the school or destroy it.

How to play the Game Online?

You navigate with the WASD keys, and you opt for the mouse to control your direction. Every other activity is guided by a dynamic control system. You may either take on the role of a student or a teacher while playing this fun and free online game. Of course, the students must damage the school, and the teachers must catch the students in order to protect it.

Do you prefer to play the game as a student, or do you desire to play as an aged, uninteresting teacher who is probably bald and overweight? No matter which path you decide to take, you need to get your squad moving quickly if you want to win the game. Just grab everything and toss it around, leave the hanging jackets on the floor, and make a complete mess of the place.

You can toss, push, crush, shatter, spill, splash, fire, drop, ride, and so on and so forth, thanks to the game's 2D adventure sandbox gameplay and its fully functional map editor.