Smash Cars

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/19/2022

Smash Cars

Smash Cars online game is developed by FM Studio. With the art of original pixel art graphics, it is a very engaging idle game set in a multidimensional world.

Full of vibrant moments, you have a world where smashing cars will get you money. The faster you can damage a vehicle, the more levels you are gonna unlock. And all it needs is taps on your mouse to destroy stuff. Making money was never this easy in the virtual world before this.

How to play Smash Cars Game Online?

Smash! Smash! Smash!

Start jumping and get money.

The smash car game is pretty simple and straightforward. Start jumping, destroy a car, and get money. The more you jump, the more score is added to your total.

As you start the game, a car will appear on your screen with your character on top of it. Using the right click, you’ve to make the character jump. The faster you’ll jump, the more money you’ll make. And ultimately, the more money you’ve, the more you can upgrade your speed and levels. The better smashing, the more opportunities to unlock new cars, and friends and in the later stages, opportunities to unlock new worlds.

Invite your friends to play with you and find out who is better at smashing.

On, you can play this game online, and once you’re done wreaking havoc in this version, you can also upgrade to the sequel Smash Car Idle 2 which will introduce new areas, new buddies, and exciting new features to unlock.