Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/20/2022 Game was developed by Kooapps Games. Play a new competitive mode of Snake and see how long you can last! In, you and other friends compete to see who can grow your worm the longest. This new version of is optimized for competitive play during special online live events.

In this mobile adaptation of the classic arcade game, your goal should be to achieve the highest score possible and claim the top spot on the scoreboard. mashes together the classic snake game with modern visual elements.

In, you play as a little worm that must eat its way through each stage to increase in size. How long will you last while eating your way across fields and competing with other players' scores?

How to play the Game Online?

You play as a little snake that must consume the many small balls strewn throughout the area in order to grow into the largest snake in the zone. However, avoiding the other snakes that are working toward the same aim would make survival difficult.

The balls can be consumed in either of two ways. The first is to consume the free balls around the scene, which will provide you with one point for every ball consumed. However, when a snake slams into another snake or the barrier, all of its points are converted into balls. To score the most points, you must cause the rival snakes to run into your tail head-on.

You may lose points if you are involved in a collision with some other snake. In, you can either respawn, lose all of your scores and start over, or you can play an ad and resurrect with all of your points and win. You can only use this last option so many times until you can not revive again.