Truck Loader

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/19/2022

Truck Loader

7Spot Games, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, is the studio that developed Truck Loader. A straightforward physics-based puzzler, Truck Loader is still a lot of fun. The goal is to get the load onto the nearby carrier as soon as possible. Using the magnetic arm, relocate boxes to the designated location of the vehicle. The boxes may be pushed to their destination or grabbed and carried via magnets.

It's going to become more difficult to get your vehicle to the appropriate place where you may drop off the packages the further you go. To move your items, you'll need to employ a combination of raising platforms and gates that you activate by pushing buttons. Can you see yourself completing all of the levels? Enjoy Truck Loader for free online right now to find out!

How to play the Truck Loader Game Online?

You'll be in charge of operating particular truck loaders, and your job will be to pack the trucks. The green area on the truck indicates where you need to transport several containers of varying sizes.

To maneuver the loader, press the W,A,S,D buttons or the arrow keys; to guide the robotic hand that grabs the packages, use the mouse. Left-clicking will turn on the magnet, making it easier to transport the packages.

Cargo sizes increase as the game progresses, and so do the number and variety of buttons and levers you'll need to use to get it while avoiding hazards. When the truck is fully loaded, you must get out of it to complete the level.

You will, of course, be timed, so at each stage, you should do your very best to complete the objective as quickly as possible.